Jeff Foxworthy's Original Grit Chips
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You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a GRIT CHIP™?

It’s a delicious, country-fied corn chip with plenty of crunch! This unique chip is a first in the marketplace and combines a
depth of flavor and a memorable texture and crunch. With Jeff Foxworthy’s ORIGINAL Grit Chips™ We envisioned a hot bowl
of grits with salt and butter just like Granny Foxworthy used to make. The result is a fresh corn flavor up front with a great,
perfectly salted finish. 
All flavors of Jeff Foxworthy's Grit Chips are GLUTEN FREE and KOSHER!
12 bags (3oz size) shipped in two 6-pack cartons
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Jeff Foxworthy's Original Grit Chips - 12pk, 3oz Bags

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